About Marti

Marti is a passionate and experienced facilitator in the field of sexuality, working internationally since 2010 and currently based in London. She loves to create spaces where we can explore our depths and our limits, preferably by having a really great time.

Her new invitation is for women to bring what we learn in the bedroom into everyday life. The kinky skills that we develop give us a route into the delicate art of power dynamics which are at constant play in all human interactions. This is a chance for us to be more in charge of our lives, no longer compromising on who we are and what we want. Marti’s personal story sits firmly behind her work and inspires other to contribute to the world with their power and their vulnerability, their wisdom and their authenticity.

Photo by Grace Gelder

Did you read the recent by Sex+zine? The feature Women On Top with Marti  effectively sumps up a lot about me, give it a go!


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