Working in sexuality, and especially in BDSM, has taught me a lot about boundaries –  how to talk openly about desires, how to negotiate what I want and how to be responsible for my own pleasure. We often struggle to ask for what we want (if we even know what it is) and talking about sex and desires can be considered shameful and radical. The whole situation can easily make us feel awkward and unsure.

I believe it takes practice to get better at creating boundaries and to explore ourselves to find out what it is we want. I also believe everyone should have been taught that at school, but most of us weren’t.

Therefore, I have created some simple, effective and affordable workshops focussing on consent and boundaries. These will take you from the basics, through exploration, to a stage where you can own your desires. You will learn to respectfully and assertively take responsibility for your pleasure and well-being, and also have some fun.

Attraction -> Consent -> Play is a three-level module workshop designed to deliver a practical and theoretical knowledge about boundaries, assertiveness and pleasure. The workshop happens over the course of 3 evenings and ends with a play space, where you are invited to explore your sensuality and desires with a group in a safe, playful and enriching way.

I. Attraction -> Consent -> Play: A preparation

Do you care about people and their wellbeing?

Are you ready to have more fun and pleasure in your life?

Is it time to find your authentic voice and power?

If you’re saying yes, you’re going to love this workshop! It brings you face-to-face to the fundamentals of what it means to be human. Together we’ll explore what happens when we treat other people with true openness, respect and kindness (without projecting our needs/lust/burning desire to get into their pants).

Do you sometimes struggle to know what you want?

Do you find it hard to ask for it without feeling embarrassed, pushy or/and creepy?

Through a series of exercises, we’ll practise overcoming any uncomfortable feelings when talking about sex and desires, which some of us have rooted deeply inside. I will show you different and playful ways how to relax and become familiar about using consent as a default.

In this workshop you are invited to

  • Connect with yourself and find out what desires you have
  • Connect with others and reveal who you are (vulnerability is so sexy and so different from being needy!)
  • Find your voice, speak out and practise consent
  • Relax about getting things wrong (it happens!) but find how to get it right
  • Gain confidence in your communication skills


We have a lovely venue in St Werburghs Bristol. It has accessible step free access and accessible toilets, which will be gender-neutral for this workshop. There are kitchen facilities to make hot drinks. Full address provided upon your booking.

How much?

Choose from a supportive, regular and cons rate from £10-£20.

For whom?

Suitable for beginners and those with experience. The intention to practise what we need the most but have been taught the least. Group will be mixed gender and everyone will be encouraged to meet others as they are, without assuming their gender identity and orientation. Heteronormative, homophobic and disrespectful behaviour will be challenged; after that, those who continue with such behaviour will be asked to leave.


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II. Attraction -> Consent -> Play: A practise

more info and dates soon <3

III. Attraction -> Consent -> Play: A play party

more info and dates soon <3

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