Heartful Kink

Introduction to BDSM with Marti


Please note, workshop is postponed, new dates will be announced soon! Apologies for the inconvenience.

Are you curious about BDSM?

Are you interested in exploring kink for yourself?  

Do you wish to deepen your understanding of yourself in a safe and playful environment?

Welcome to Heartful Kink, a gentle, mindful introduction to the world of BDSM and kink within a safe and sex-positive space. You are invited to explore your playfulness, your fantasies and desires, to learn new skills, to look beyond any negative judgements you carry about your sexuality, and to debunk some fears and myths around the world of BDSM.

Learning occurs where vulnerability appears.

Frequently we identify as either sexually dominant or submissive, yet we all have the ability to ‘switch’. Exploring our preferences, discovering the reasons behind them, and stepping out of our comfort zone to try new things is a rich arena of self-discovery and empowerment. In these workshops, everyone is encouraged to try both sides: by accessing and sharing our vulnerabilities as a submissive, we deepen our capacity for compassion as a dominant. Together we grow by giving and receiving, leading and following, seizing and surrendering.

Forget what you may have heard, seen or read about BDSM. Let your own playfulness be your guide on your journey of healthy sexual expression and define your unique experience of kink.




What is Heartful Kink?

Finding the right words is both important and not always easy to do. Some terms traditionally used around BDSM felt dated, limiting and alienating. ‘Heartful Kink’ is our way of defining a safe and gentle practise and and exploration where boundaries, kindness and presence are fundamental elements, and where we take a fresh, empowering, humble and non-judgemental approach to BDSM practices. This is the launch event for many more workshops, shapes and structures to come.  

What we will explore:

–      Boundaries and Consent – And which comes first? The chicken or the egg?

–      Communication and Desires

–      Light Power Play – giving and receiving commands, blind-folds, sensuality.

–      An introduction to Impact Play – What it is, why we do it, and how to do it safely and in a way that’s fun.


About Marti

Marti has been mentoring and facilitating in the fields of sexuality and kink since 2013. She combines her professional skills to create safe, welcoming spaces, informed by a depth of knowledge and level of expertise of BDSM gained from her former pro-domme career. She offers a mindful and practical approach to boundaries and consent, insights into the psychology of dominance and submission, and a variety of practical skills. Her gentle, caring and considered approach encourages us to take the time and space to explore and integrate our experiences in a journey of self-discovery, where each individual’s safety, comfort and pleasure are paramount.


Access information:


All gender identities and sexualities welcome. The group will be mixed gender and everyone will be encouraged to meet others as they are, without assuming their gender identity and orientation. Heteronormative, homophobic and disrespectful behaviour will be challenged.
Stereotypical and gendered archetypes of BDSM are discouraged (anyone can be dominant & submissive).


Partial nudity (down to underpants) is permitted.


1 out of 3 – This workshop is suitable for beginners with no prior experience, and anyone who wishes to explore in a gentle and undemanding space.

Activity levels

There will be some sitting on floor (chairs can be provided), some light movement, and some exercises in pairs and small groups.