Professional Dominant Woman Training

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

As a former pro domme I have the experience of what does it to take to work in the adult industry. Despite the obvious challenges I soon realised that being myself and putting out there my truth is the way to build a sustainable business. My insecurity about being different and not really fitting in the usual presentation of dominatrix, eventually became the strong asset of mine; not wearing shoes, not allowing anyone to dictate what I wear. I demanded people to show up with their real vulnerability. I definitely was not a fetish object. I like to say, I was the real deal.

I am a passionate feminist and I am confident that being a professional dominant woman is the quickest and most effective way to empower yourself as a woman. It definitely worked for me. I realise it is not a profession for everyone, but if you are curious, read more about my story here.

How does it work?

I tailored a specific training to bring the best out of you to become authentically dominant, successful and empowered professional business woman.  It has theoretical and practical parts. In the training you will learn all about consent, boundaries, fantasies, you will develop practical skills, including impact play, D/s play and how to communicate with a client. The training also include a module how to set up a business, set up your digital profile, your persona etc.

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