“ I thought Marti was absolutely fantastic and gave us a really good introduction into Spanking.”  -Killing Kittens


“After talking to Marti, something definitely shifted as I went back to the studio to work and no clients upset me by trying to touch me. I had become more confident with my boundaries. The chat really helped me to relax and was very valuable at the time! “


Specialist training for professional dominant woman

“I feel more confident to follow my authentic dominant style. This private training gave me more than I anticipated because it helped me find my voice. Marti is incredibly supportive and I’m grateful to have learned from her.”  -Sandra

“I always knew I had it in me, you just helped me to find it.”  -Louisa

Evening classes

“Marti’s openness & frankness is genuine; feels like a very safe space.” -Sandra

“I loved the all women environment. I have in the past kicked against this thinking I didn’t need it, but have come to realise how special an all women space is, how safe and nuturing. Male energy is excellent but all women energy is very powerful and beautiful. I found Marti’s facilitation excellent.”

“I learnt how much I ‘perform’ when men are around. I don’t feel the need to do that in an all female space.” -Lou

Private fire class

“I was so surprised how the fire felt – exciting, relaxing and nourishing all at the same time. Marti’s thorough guidance and experience gave me the confidence to take playing with fire further. It’s a very visually and sensually impressive skill to have.” -Alix

“Marti is an amazing facilitator with a strong and supportive demeanor which allows her to hold the space in the safe, explorative, and educational way you’d expect a well seasoned dominatrix too. Her years of experience become apparent through the skilled use of her tools and understanding of the body. Being on the receiving end of her torch, I appreciated her ability to elicit sensations and response, with a keen awareness of my pleasures and edges. She was very generous with her knowledge, all the while meticulous about the safety of the students and environment. I’ve since put my newly acquired skills to good use, in the bedroom and the occasional party I look forward to learning more from her in the near future.” -Tahl