Through exploring and facilitating within the field of BDSM for last years, I am shown repeatedly that these are the perfect tools and metaphors for personal empowerment.  Its wide range of possibilities allow you to be playful, creative and daring. You are encouraged to take off your masks, connect with vulnerability, surrender and find out what is stopping you to trust and be in flow. You’ll also find new masks and discover how it feels to be in charge, allow your strength to shine and accept there might be limitations which are preventing you from being in control of your life.

The specialist training takes different forms:

Also, I am often invited as a quest to festivals through out the year. There is a certain vibe to them all and I just love to connect through my work with new people that way. The Summerhouse, The Winterhouse, Osho Leela events, Togetherness, to mention a few. I run short workshops, give talks and do demos. I enjoy very much the certain authentic jolliness and depth you can experience there. They are great opportunities to connect with communities organically existing around each event and they all provide a lovely sex positive, mindful and inclusive experience.