Evening classes & mini workshops

Welcome to the first femdom empowerment classes in UK

A series of evening classes and mini workshops will provide you with a warm and exciting welcome to the mesmerising world of BDSM. These are the foundation of any consensual play and we will gradually progress to more fancy stuff, such as playing with toys, D/s, power play and advanced techniques, like breath play, fire rituals and much more.

The cosy and intimate set up will greatly suit a group of 12 women for evening classes and 6 women for mini workshops and provide a safe and welcoming space where you can truly be who you are and reveal more about yourself and others.



 Stepping out: PEDESTAL

Thursday November 30th 19:00 -24:00, East London preps part, South London party part

Shall we take everything we learnt, and explored in a safe space, and put it into a practise? Shall we, as I like to say, turn it up a notch? Celebrate with me the end of season of the first year of Sound of Birch and come with me to PEDESTAL; the longest running femdom club in UK, where women rule and men obey.

Have you ever fantasised about having a man kneeling at your feet, willing to obey your commands?

Have you ever wanted to be strong, radiant and in charge while being witnessed in your power by others?

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Practical details

All classes are suitable for women*, 18+, who are interested in the world of BDSM, empowerment, fun and wellbeing. Previous experience in the subject is not necessary;those with experience will benefit from supporting others and also learning about new approaches to the topic and contributing to building a unique community of like minded people.

What to expect? To be in a safe space and the company of curious and brave women who want to know more about themselves and others. There might be nudity involved. Consent is #1 priority and you won’t be doing anything unless you want to.

*Unless specified otherwise, The Sound of Birch events are for all women, and all people with other identities such as non-binary and gender fluid, who are also subject to the challenges associated with being read as female in the world.